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Delight & Diligence

Since 2015, Jammy Apps has enjoyed building high quality digital products, for delighted customers; we build apps the way that we wish they all were.

Automation as Standard

We automate the integration and deployment pipeline from project kick-off, so our apps are production ready as soon as the tests are green.

Scalability in Mind

Great apps grow faster than you think; we build ready-to-scale products, so you can jump on market growth opportunities as soon as they arise.

JAMMY APPS. Est’d 2015.

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Jammy Apps is a software development company, dedicated
to building mobile apps

Focused on the fix

Making the best hammer in the world is of no use, if you needed a screwdriver; we review the problem domain, and walk through the entire specification process with you, to build the right tool for the job.

Test, then verify

Quality is core to everything we do. We combine static code analysis, automated software-based functionality validation, and real-world user testing, to ensure our apps work as designed, and stay that way.

Built to last

Our apps go the distance; we develop extensible codebase architectures, and provide maintenance contract options to ensure things keep ticking over.

Documented as Standard

Black boxes are for planes, not software; we provide full developer documentation to support all stages of specification, development, deployment, and maintenance.

We Don’t Sell Code. We Solve Problems.

With more than a decade of experience in the mobile app development space, we know how to build products the right way, and how to keep products thriving in the constantly-changing mobile software landscape.